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On the Bungendore Express

July 09, 2015  •  16 Comments

Today I took the kids on the best adventure I could give them on these school holidays. A ride on the 'Bungendore Express', from Canberra to Bungendore, NSW.

Trains are a special part of our family history. My grandfather was a train driver for much of his adult life in Argentina, before he migrated to Australia. I grew up hearing many stories of his trips in the north of the country, the friends he made along the way and his love of the countryside. Right up until his last days, snippets of his life on the tracks would weave in and out of any conversation.

I told the kids a bit of their Great-Grandfather's story as we watched the hills roll by and enjoyed the scenery, feeling the rhythm of the train on the tracks beneath our feet. They asked me questions about Abuelo and what it was like for him to be driving the trains, day and night. Many questions I couldn't answer, so I 'locked them in my head' (as my younger son would say) for later, when I next catch up with mum. Hopefully, they took it all in and some of his history, some of his soul will live on with the next generations. 

Just quietly, in my heart I felt that he was with us on today's journey, enjoying the ride alongside us, smiling as we enjoyed one of his life's greatest passions. 

Please join the ride and check out the photos below, and remember to visit the next 10/10 blog in the circle, from Shannon of My2morrows.  PS: Apologies, 10/10 is supposedly 10 photos, however as it's a bit of a family special, I just couldn't make up my mind which ones to include this time. oops! 

Thanks for stopping by.

*10/10 Circle is a fun monthly photography project developed by Rowe Timson Photography, bringing my Cookie friends and lovers of photography together to document and share a piece of our lives one day each month, from our corners of the world. On the 10th of each month we launch our collective blogs, sharing 10 of our favourite photographs from that day.



Gorgeous photos and very touching story. If you ever get up to Ipswich in Queensland, there's a fabulous train museum. It is absolutely amazing. My ancestor Alexander Johnston built the Goulburn to Queanbeyan Railway line and he also built Queanbeyan Railway Station so we have a bit of train history too xx Rowena
Jen @ Love Wednesday(non-registered)
Oh my! I see why you had trouble culling! These are my fave shots in the circle. Really beautiful. The chilli-flower pot shot is my fave.... but of course your kids are stunning models and passengers. Those tones! A+. JT xo
Gorgeous x x
Lowanda J(non-registered)
Such a touching and personal post. Your pics are simply beautiful and everything looks so peaceful and serene. I'm sure Abuelo was with you and your family. Beautifully written and I can see why you added all the pictures. It just wouldn't be the same without them. So glad I saw Jen mentioned this 10 x10 tribute over at Pierced Wonderings.
Awesome awesome awesome photos! So glad you posted more than 10 because they are all so beautiful! The best part of being in this circle is seeing so many parts of our country and world even that I probably never will! It's just so great!
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