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Places I've never been

December 09, 2015  •  8 Comments

It's funny how you can live in a place for decades and never really see all that it has to offer.  I recently decided to set aside some time for myself to drive around my home town and visit some places I've never been... 

This month's 10/10 circle is a little scrapbook of images from this adventure. I'm not sure where I've been during the last few years {maybe driving children to and from school, birthday parties and their various sporting activities} but I sure missed some of the cool metro places that have sprung up around town.  There's so much happening in this city and it has really blossomed. Meanwhile, I've been in the burbs, experiencing these things through other people's posts on Facebook and Instagram! So I packed my camera bag and tottled off to see what the fuss was about...

First stop was Westside Acton Park, a fun foodie's delight built from shipping containers. My coffee from Damn Fine Roasters while I looked around more than lived up to it's name - damn fine! I made a note to myself to return on a weekend when the place is packed with people; to check out the foods on offer and browse through the market stalls. 

Next stop was Nishi on New Acton. As it's web site describes:

"Nishi is Australia’s most radically sustainable mixed-use building and apartment complex and represents the third and final stage of the NewActon precinct and responds to our more communal, more cosmopolitan and more world-wise ways of being. Nishi is the new beacon for more responsible, sustainable living in Canberra because it brings together the notions of community and environmental positivism in the one place".

Nishi reminded me a lot of the Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, where symmetry and straight lines are a rarity.  Nishi is many things: hotel, retail, office, apartments and a general meeting space where people can enjoy the full visual experience - from it's interesting external facade to the internal architecture and decor - a wonderful mix of old and new.  Oh, and a pitt stop at Max Brenner for some chocolate delight was a must.

My last stop was Lonsdale Street, Braddon. A place that has seen an amazing transformation in recent years. The place you don't just want to hang out in, enjoy a drink and meal with friends, or shop to your heart's content - you'd wish you could live there! 

Once I was done with my Nikon, I gave my phone camera a bit of a work out in some of the local stores - Christmas gift research! (I love how we can shop and consult by text these days). I've shared some of of the pretty things I saw along the way.

I hope you enjoy my collection this month. As usual, I'm terrible at deciding on which images to discard and which ones to keep, so I've exceeded my quota of 10.  I hope they make you want to visit.

Once you've checked out the photos, please visit the next 10/10 blog in the circle, and check out what treats Shannon from my 2 morrows has in store for you. Then follow the rest of the links right back to the start.  Have fun.

*10/10 Circle is a monthly photography project developed by Rowe Timson Photography, bringing my Cookie friends and lovers of photography together to document and share a piece of our lives one day each month, from our corners of the world. On the 10th of each month we launch our collective blogs, sharing 10 of our favourite photographs from that day.





Jo @ You had us at hello(non-registered)
Delish pics Diana!! All those vibrant colours you've made pop! just looooooove it! Oooo you make me thirsty to learn more and take better shots! Love love love it!
Shannon @my2morrows(non-registered)
Beautiful pics as always Diana. I love visiting Canberra. So many cool new places and spaces. I love the place for people people. Super cool. Is that last one from homemade canberra? Love that shop. So good to get out and explore. I can't wait for the holidays to do just that. Xx
Thanks Steph. I used my Nikon D800 with a Sigma 35mm. It's a beautiful lens and hasn't left the mount since I got it! Beats all my Nikon lenses so far!
These are so gorgeous Diana! What lens are you shooting with? You must do another photowalk again soon.
What a great collection of photos! You've inspired me to plan an excursion to somewhere that I've not been. I'm thinking Mobile - about an hour away. I love that shot of the bowl with the wall of cases behind it!!
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