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I am married with 4 beautiful children. Photography has been a part of my every day for many years, more so since we started our family. It has been important to me to capture every step of my babies' lives, their milestones, funny stories, birthdays, our lives together. 

In 2012, we experienced what we never imagined. Our world was turned upside down when I learned that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It was a tough journey but one that together, my loved ones and I, pulled through.

Enjoying every moment in our lives, discarding the negatives and learning from them, has become so much more important. Photography has become a means of capturing and treasuring each moment.

Now I want to help others and through my photos, contribute to Lymphoma research which will hopefully one day end this horrible disease known as cancer.  5% of the cost of every session will now be donated to Lymphoma Australia as an ongoing commitment towards the fight against Lymphoma.

Here is something I wrote earlier this year, 1 year from my diagnosis...

It was 1 year ago that I was drying my hair and found that large lump on my neck. That was the moment that changed my life forever. From that moment the whirlwind began. Scans, biopsies, diagnoses, needles, drugs, pain... and the roller coaster of emotions that came with it. But all that aside, I take from this past year only the positives. I found out how strong I can be, even after experiencing childbirth 4 times, nothing can compare to the strength you can draw from fear and the determination to win. I have learned that nothing can scare me as I have seen true fear and conquered it. Facing your own mortality is something that only happens to old people who have the years behind them as proof that it may be their time. It is something that happens to other people. Or so I thought. I have learned that I am one of the 'other people' and that when bad things happen you have to choose to be strong and fight. I have learned that the little things that bother us from day to day don't matter. What matters to me is seeing my family happy, watching them grow, being there for them. So here I am. I will never forget. I will live in hope for the day that cancer and the many other terrible things like poverty, war and suffering don't exist. For now I am grateful to be here. 1 year on. I hope for many years to come. I SURVIVED.



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